Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Ethics - Healthcare Professional Recruitment

Unlike any other field, the success of institutions in the healthcare industry - small or big, Private, public or government funded - solely depends on the people manning it. The success, measured in this industry is, again unlike others, not at all a financial one. It is measured on how good it has been in bringing solace to the community it is working in, the compassion and commitment its staff displays.
So everyone involved, especially the authorities responsible for the quality standards of Hospitals and all related subjects, has got a moral and ethical responsibility to see that all its efforts are towards achieving this objective - better health to the community they serve.
Over the years we have had umpteen requests from Hospitals, Clinics etc. from around the globe for supporting their HR needs for Physicians. But a disturbing fact for us has been that some of these institutions esp. those from the middle east asking us to charge the candidates for providing them with jobs. We have been successful in rejecting and terminating all such requests at the initial stage itself as we believe and it has been our policy not to charge the candidates any fees at all. We have been and will be continuing to follow that in future too.
What happens when you insist on the candidates paying for getting a job? our experience is that rarely a talented or professionally committed professional get interested and the Institution get people who joins them for money more than for any other reason.
We never understood how the health authorities of the so called progressive government can be a mute spectator in the deteriorating standards of the Institutions that they are most concerned about. They may bring in a lot of legislation on qualifying and experience standards but still at the end of the day, it is the personal commitment of the health provider which wins the game.
Maybe we are wrong in our viewpoint and would like to hear your thoughts / experience on the subject.

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